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Embracing African diaspora 

Tribelink -  Capture moments, post what‘s on your mind, enjoy, comment and reshare as you connect with the various cultures of Africa.  

Tribelink connects all of African culture. Keep up with relatives and friends by adding them to your tribe. Be introduced to the various cultures and people that share similar interests as you. Don’t miss out on the trending topics from all over the continent and diaspora. Join the Tribe to link with 1.34 billion people strong!  

Use Tribelink to: 

 Discover - Explore the African Continent to find new users to add to your tribe, see what is trending in the many regions of Africa, or just see posts and pictures of other users in any African country of your choice you can enjoy all with an interactive African map discover page!     

Flags - Utilize our unique Flag system to learn country specifics with a tap of a button or long press on a flag and interact with every single user in their Tribe!  

 Upload Pictures- upload one photo or make a slide screen of photos (as many as you want!) to your profile  

 Browse photos - Browse the photos of those in your tribe and other public accounts. Enjoy, comment and reshare. 

 Reshare - Sometimes someone else said it best. Feel the same? When it happens reshare the post or picture for your tribe to see. Don’t worry about giving credit to someone or losing credit if someone reshares your upload. Resharing always shows the original post or picture.  

Post Status Updates - Write what's on your mind. Comment on recent events, your passions, or just update those in your tribe about the latest. Posts can be viewed on the profile page under “Posts” tab and by those in your tribe in their feed page.  

Message - Communicate with your tribe with the Communications page. Send messages, share pictures and videos, call, or video chat. From sharing inside jokes to video chatting to see face to face - We got you covered!